a suprise!

it was a surprised!
Recently, I got Celcom in my list. Client was verbally confirmed the renewal when we were meeting up together with 2 bosses. Friday is last day of sponsorship, and I was told to give a call to client to double confirm. Client has not totally rejected, but due to budget constrain, they might reconsider of it. i was overwhelmed with it! smile on the face isnt nice.
Today I got home for dinner, as usual, I'll makan first before go up to my room. Mom was ironing clothes, while sis in law was in the kitchen... while i was taking my food, sis told me that she saw Alan, she told with smile.. then i have asked mom, mom said she does not know... mmm... i felt something wrong but sweet in my heart... i told them i just finished conversation over phone with him.. sis asked to check out my room... mmm.. i suspected might be something surprise for me.

i quickly ran up stairs, an open door slowly... i saw a long and colorful thing sat on my desk. i ran up and took a look... haha...
i quickly called Alan... silly him... but i love him much enough till my tears in my eyes.



these few months, there were a lot of changes in my life; regardless my personal life or in work.
at work, at first, most of my colleagues left for good... and new head of sales who we all hated most was finally resigned due to new management came on board. what a huge relief to us!
few months back, i started lost passion at work, i got no solid reason why i feeling that way... may be i am searching or finding a career or something that i would want for myself. yeah, i always ask myself what do i really want... thinking of many things that i want to do, trying to brainstorm for my future... first, i always want to complete my dream- going back US for Master degree and work and live there forever... second, i want to start a business by bringing in a skin care from Japan... third, recently i have thought of to become a wedding planner... forth, i want to run florist and special gift shop... last, i want to get a promotion from current job...
I have turned down my first dream, because i finally got someone who i cant live without... i cant leave him for years, and if i do so, i would probably loosing the greatest guy i have never met who complete me! yes, dear - it's you - and you told me twice - you complete me! and now, you do complete my life.
second, third and forth dream would still workable here... thanks to dear who will support me all the way as he promised.. :)
the last dream... yes, i just got an offer from my current manager. he recommended me to become a 6 months acting assistant sales manager. he asked if i would take the challenge... and told him that Yes! i was waiting for it long time.
however, at the same time, i got an offer from my previous COO who is now the CEO for Red FM. Yes, the Star RFM now has two CEOs - 988 and Red FM. Current sales team is all under 988. Red needs people to run the business... and the former COO wanted me to be in his team. first time i felt uncomfortable talking to him - a 6 months special tasks was not sound so nice to me though... i felt like it's a secret... and i needed to give my answer by next week....
my future... is on my hand... sorry, i would choose my last dream and stay for what i am having now... 988

cozy saturday

we got a plan to Cameron Highland, but it was canceled. yeah, i have no faith with Cameron! a lil disappointed, but after a thought, it was fine... work for our future is more important.
almost 2 days i have not seen my dear, i miss him so much, but it was not too hard for me, because we both got the same feeling... love!
after work, dear came to my house, once i saw him at the door, i was jumping and hugged him tide! he said i seemed like a dog?! how sweet am a dog to him... hahaha...
i am very happy, he got me a suprise.. he made me to kitchen, when i walked out, i saw a rapped gift on dinning table... i was wondering if i saw this before or not... i walked to him, and asked if he saw that before he came... he laughed at me and said - darling, that's for you! i quickly jumped over a grab it, and quickly jumped over him and opened the gift. very nice, classic wrapping paper; dear always get good taste... i slowly opened it... it's a sketch book... not a normal sketch book though, my face was in it - a cartoon me! and a message: "Sharon, Thanks for being with me muuuuuaaah.... Alan" - am touched and happy! thanks honey!!

we went out bought McD for our dinner, also with 4 cans of our favor beer - Carlsberg Gold. we had dinner while watching Discovery channel - Man vs. Wild. very nice show but a bit disguishting... it was ok!

today was our first weekend we spent time at home... it was nice, and comfortable.. we started our small lil talk as usual... dear suggested to get a single bangalow house.. and he told me that our toilet must at least 6 times biggercthan the one in my room... wow... i definately agreed as i want a tub, and a jacuzzi for sure. I wonder, how our dream house could come to picture... i cant wait for him to draw me a sketch of it.
I love you darling, and thanks for everything you have done for me... your heart which melt in my way... i long you like the river valley... it will never stop - hahaha - that's your words to me!


a very precious life

I am feeling happy and glad that I have finally found someone... single life for years, searching for the one was ended when i found Alan. he is such a nice person, he is fun and loving... nevertheless... he is crazy! but i learn a lot from him even thou we have only knew each other for 2 months 16 days... although it's only such a short period of time, what we have been thru so far - sweet and sour stories... sorrow heart and tears were ended... these tremendous experienced bringing us closer and our relationship to another level.
It's so hard for me to express my feeling in words right now... once, the greatest thing he ever said to me was the 'I LOVE U'... i remember it was at Finnegans Mid Valley on 4th March, 2009 (Wed) after watching the Watchmen premier which i thought was sucks! these 3 words were the most powerful words that work very well in us. i was speechless when i heard that, but my heart was powdering the same feeling as him..
As day goes by... and our relationship is growing, and we are planning towards our future. Yes, today, he told me this in his car: dear, i love u so much, i think we are match, no matter how people thinks we are not, i still love you, and i do want and plan to marry you... dear, i am serious... WOW... no one has ever said this to me, it's only heard it when you truly found someone special, someone you want to walk your rest of life together...
i realized that... love is essential... it can be found everywhere and from family and friends... but it's hard to find someone just like Alan...


amazing love

a true love... a true feeling... a true amazing couple started at this moment... we have found the uniqueness to ourselves and our relationship... the last day of Feb, 2008 - 28th was the most memorable day for us to keep and to celebrate...

i have never ever felt so good being in love, and being loved.. i love you much much more honey!


silent day

i wanna hear, i wanna say, i wanna feel... it stops for today, broken signal from me for today... i want to be silent for a day...



i have never ever experienced bbq on a plastic table. of course not my idea, my genuine bro said ok at first. look, it does not work though. he made me laughed at his stupidity!!! lol... sorry bro

bro bought 4 sets of bbq, but only 3 were managed to put on fire. bro started to put on fire at 5ish, but he failed... well, he is not a camp guy, so i dont expect much from him... then his life saver came who then set these up in few minutes, thanks to dear! of course i laughed at my bro too.

we had very simple food, sausages, ham, minced meats, corns, peppers, mushroom... these could possible filled up our stomach well. i felt the grilling part was the fun, as after you have finished grilling, you dont feel like eating much.

i was very unsatisfied with this picture, as dear got his eyes half closed! dear complaint that the flash was too bright for him... eh, no excuse though as my eyes could be possible bigger! oh ya... this picture was to replace valentine's picture that we forgot to take one!!!

the take 2 was terrible, not even his eyes were open! yuck... but love it... lol... at least he looks silly cute

hui xin was enjoying us taking pictures... she was wondering, what the hell these 'gu gu' and alan 'go go' doing? she was too cute, jumping around to show her dance with her nursery music on... aiya, she was trying to get attention from her alan 'go go'

after cleaning up the mess and all food, i took out and let all of them tried my first cake in KL.
*sob sob* it wasn't turn out good, but still acceptable. dear said it's too sweet... yeah, it's sweet like me!
recently, bro and mom started enjoy drinking wine, they opened a bottle... yet left 3/4 for me and dear.
we took our cups to near by garden just beside my house... we sat on a huge bench, dear immediately slept on it while i was watching him... we had a good time together, and yet i started to know him more - to me who stand or be with him, i feel i am no one, and the more i talk to him the more i feel like he is someone, and a great person with great brains... and yes, dear... i want to go to school with you, and be the bossy demanding gf you have ever had! i want you to do all my homework for me... and i want to disturb you when you are doing your homework... but yet, we both together feeling the world...
(we saw birds in group traveling a cross our country, dear saw owl passing by him right in front, we saw a bright satelite... and the cloud with stars above us...)

i : i am glad i have met you...


Valentine's Day 2009

my v-day was sour but it turned sweet in the morning... dear does not tell me his plan until friday. he planned to spend time with me at my hunt. at first, i was a lil bit disappointing, but, after hours after my unconditional anger realization... i love it... there is no romantic restaurant; no candle lights dinner; no fancy deco; no expensive chocolates... but we had spent quality time together, and feeling was the greatest joy!
dear woke me up with calling before he left house... but i was sleeping still when he came in to my room in suprised! we were mingling and i got a valentine's kiss... sweet ^.^
dear planned to bring me for dimsum at puchong, but after that we both lazy to get out and to laze on bed for hours till niece came in to look for her Alan 哥哥. i was so jealous that my niece will never want this gugu anymore. look... the silly them were so happy sticking micky stickers..

we were then head to McDonald to have our V-Day lunch... all because of her, dimsum canceled lo... these 2 are click since the first time they met, and him bought candies to just make her happy... eh, i dont even have a share though... ^.^ the tiger, the dog, the horse... ding... dong... where is the sheep??!! hahaha

well, we did spent 2nd quality time together without her!!! hahaha, hard to get her away though... poor Hui Xin.. sorry... muack muack


Pre-CNY gathering and CNY

first time outing with them - SevenateNine
(Gladys, Jerald, Emily, Tina, Steph, Khai, Alan, me, Stephy)
23rd Jan, another 2 lovely colleagues have left us for good... Tina and Emily, good luck in your new job, with a better HOS... ^.^

i love this lovely dovey lips-lips kissing with Steph babe, oucccch... i cant resist it

yeah, after the kiss...

of course must sayang my dearest Alan after kissing with Steph... ^.^ nice

who's naughty hand??

two couples - the sweet and the silly

family gathering on Chor yi @Sam's bungalow
my cousins Nyuen Nyee, Chung Nyin and Sam

the 'V'

my lovely niece, Hui Xin - who always call me 'gugu gugu'

Alan and Sharon's movie night in chor yi @ Midvalley

One of the mini market @ Cherating street

our first night dinner... nice food, especially the sambal asparagus and the '7' years home made chillies with garlic sauce

naughty dear pull off my bikinis, made me tan for at least 1 hour.
Alan's friends tom, mae, kok han

Yik Kee Restaurant@Karak... all said the egg tart is nice, but when we reached there all were sold out. we had their 'siew pau' instead... oh, the 2 uncles were very friendly... nice ^.^
kok han was being sissy... ooooopppppssss!!!!!

the '2' in action... bang... arrrrrrrr ^.^

nice cloud... taken in 'jenny' while heading to kampung bukit tinggi... yo, eat again, dear appetited was too good! we had crispy pork noodles with black sauce... really nice! make sure you stop by while on Karak highway

being sexy with my white tiger, while the other tiger was busy driving... lol ^.^

again... the '2' silly were in action while 'jenny' was bathing... hahaha... Ah neh pun tak tahan!

my 2009 started with a completely new life new me... the silly chapter started...
hope the chapter will completed happily after and feeling completely... oh God!