Stay Real

It’s so easy for people to fall madly in love with someone and just expect a relationship to work based on that initial attraction. But, the truth is there’s so much more that has to click for a meaningful relationship to work. When i’m romantically interested in someone, i want to know everything about that person. I need to fully embrace what they’re about .
This may sound a little corny, but positive attitude is everything. If you go into a situation expecting it to fail, then chances are that it most likely will. This is especially true in relationships. If you can’t see all the good things that you have to offer, then how is anyone else going to see them?
Heart, body, mind and soul – all you need for real love. Connecting with someone so completely and sharing yourselves with each other is what love is all about. It’s all a case of wanting to hold them, wanting to bring them near to you and absorb them so that you both merge into this complete entity. When you’re truly in love there’s this kind of golden anura that envelops you when you’re so happy – and this sounds so trite, but you’re just happy to be

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