Still awake.. Trying to sleep but i cant. Am hugging my all time favor soft toy - 'little white tiger 小白老虎' i got him since 01. But we were apart for a year when i broke off with bruce. Bruce took it away from me because he wanted it as memory for both of us. Once he told me that he cant sleep without it. After a year he owned it, in 04, i received a suprise christmas gift fr cali.. finally tiger was back.. with a box of my favor choc - godiva!
...(sob ....)
that was the most bad decision that i've made.. the most hurting moment that i made him gone away from me.. someone who i trusted most, who i shared most, who i gone thru any seasons, who i argued most, who i travel most.. and who i love most!

Dear friends, please appreciate the one you love.. the one walking along with you..

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