711 - "Queit Friday with Suprise"

today is friday, and it was a easy going day... many colleagues have left to penang for tomorrow GCMC mini concert. well, i'll be leaving tomorrow morning with Gin, Min, Char, Tina.
i woke up late.. sorry ya... tertidur la.. reached office about 10.45am, and was waiting O&M for recording. They were 10min late!!! then i introduced myself, and to most production colleagues, of course, our talents. I lari myself for awhile when recording was on. of course lari to check email, can't afford just to stay there and wait. after 30min, i went back there. Recording took about hour!! then proceeded to production. aiyo, eeeee...mmmm... he is a fussy ass.. (sshhhss) total of 6 versions with 3 different sound effects! arrrrrggggghhhhh... however, i can't complain much because of this, i hit my July target already!!! well, i need around RM1200 to hit 110%!!! damn.. i better work on this so that i could use the extra income to cover my August expenses! seriously, August is the highest month for me!! :( i scared no hit and no com and no money loh!!! so far, if any positive nor goes well without cut cost, estimated would have ard RM100k. sigh, while my target is ard RM 240k. for the rest of the month, i would work my ass off... will gorek gorek kau kau! 'MX' better give me at least RM60k for the next so called planned campaign.
anyway, talking too much about figures now... headache headache...
Nicholas aka Nic, 988 DJ... today is his last day with us!!!! the only one who has good looking is leaving us!!! :( ***sob sob*** well, he is joining our competitor!! i greated him all the best... and will wait to see him on TV soon! Nic.. "JIA YOU - KAMBATE"
after the photo session and chit-chatting session were over, Kel, Min, Pearl, KW, Tim were exercising by climbing up and down 19th floors. Hahaha... cool ya... "piak piak...." Kel, Min, and Gin are going to KK mountains in two weeks time... sigh, not sure their stamina is up max or not... especially dear Gin... kinda worry la.. but i will giving full supports in KL... hahaha :) Cheerssss... all angels!!! time for dinner, we went for 'dai cao' near office. Dan bumped into us and he was tempted with the delicious food we were having.. and got few bites of it...
it was a queit day... but full of meanings!

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