Because of the contra deal that management asked to deal for the artistes for GCMA, I couldn't sleep well every night for not getting it done. Today, finally got the contract signed, but, due to date of event approaching soon, and artistes were making noise of not getting the tickets, management gave the green light to purchase the tickets instead of waiting... and we bought most the tickets from other travel agency... while only remained 2 groups of people that need it from my client. I've already told client that we couldn't wait for the signature, and proceeded to purchase most of them... client came back and sounded not happy, why? I've already told them the reason of time... and we cant wait.. arrrrgggghhhhh... seriously, I would not want to do any contra deal from now, it's terrible and yet doesn't help much into my revenue, 10%? you think 10% is enough???? yes.. am blogging during office hour... wanna give me warning letter... go ahead! :(

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