funny her

i was scratching my head doing a cost evaluation, while then i went out to the lobby to get a puff. i bumped into her! i was about to ask her some work related thingy, as i mentioned earlier, a simple yes or no should be the answer. 'SHE' was answering me that my client business strategy was wrong, and what their strategy now will make them loosing business share, and will eventually killing themselves... oh god.. what the hell was that???? client's business strategy vs money yes or no???? cool.. i threw her a simple question - 'do you want me to change client's business strategy???' Great great great... it's good to understand well about how our clients doing their business, this is a must that we all need to know. but don't ever prejudice or make such stupid comments which or when you are not working with them!!! please pay respect to our clients! hey.. they are the one who pay us bonus!!!

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Fish 小魚 said...

Yup, agree with u, sometimes people just dun understand we, as d frintliner, are the one who understand wat clients nd/wans...

a good one, dear!!!

love u... muack!