I like

I love this picture so much till couldn't tell the reason. laying on the bed and trying to sleeping. only slept for few hours last night. It was dylan and rachel big day. after the dinner we brought two dylan brothers to soho kl, which is at solaris, mt. kiara. two of them from singapore, kelvin and marcus. of course they wanted to go party here, n olivia suggested the place. We continue drink, after the wine challenge during dinner time with our bride and groom. too bad i was sober enough to take both of them to hotel.. but a bit tired already cause it was ended ard 2ish, we went spicy right after that. It was a fun night n sexy nite though.. Oh ya.. finally I got my new haircut, and awaiting for it to get longer.. real miss it.
anyway.. Hoping tmr has a beautiful morning and wonderful day

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