miss my buddy

was chatting with vince while driving back home.. It was all bout work and company issues that we have encountering. i love talking to him bout work, as he is always analyze and use common sense to apply in his theories. dun ever under estimate this smart guy, he could be one of the genius in the company. although we used to gaduh over his ignorant, but it was all fun to be that way. miss him sitting next to me since company decided transferred him to penang in may. yeah, both of us made to explore biz opportunities in penang last feb.. as till now he still keep complaining that i got lucky to close a deal from the trip.. Haha.. hope that he will be back KL soon.. and start our fighting again.. lol
Remember the last trip he was back, we met up for McD at KK, that night i have shared my personal stuffs with him.. and my tears drop while telling him my all time unsolved feeling ..(dun think he has realized it) after that night, i have realized that what he told me was true.. and i took his words - pulling off! Thanks bf!

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