a quick one

it was a busy tuesday... one day on MC was really killed! went to agency for a discussion, and at same time, 2 planners called for briefing, luckily it was at the same building... hiaz... then straight back to office. not even sit at my desk, went out lunch with colleague from CAT to share about the briefs and discussed ideas. worst still, everything has to be out by tomorrow! after the discussion ard 2ish, went back office and went in sales meeting at 3. sigh... non-stop!!! of course as usual sales meeting take up about 3 hours and ended about 6ish. it was a good meeting, quite happy, i've learned something new in the 3 damn hours! pending works are still awaiting, and that's why am still awake to finish up most of them.
I wonder, how could afford to go for a long holiday, which i wanted nor needed so much? my trip to US... ???!!!!! sigh... not easy...

life always not easy to become perfect

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