ski.. with me?

i miss ski a lot, eventhough am not a sporty person.. perhaps i love the atmosphere with sparkling snow.. i wish i could go for a trip here with u.. be at a far far land where nobody cares bout us.. Just u and me, see the different of us.. to explore more between us as out in this boring KL! the last trip was good and memorable, but yet to discover the real u! Pls express well to urself, there are simple words around us; yes, no, i dun want, i dun love.. i rather u to tell me straight to my face; pls fuck off of my life, and dun bother me; rather than u tell me nothing.. dun ever asked again why am love u so much, and wanted a life with u; i couldn't answer well enough nor express my feeling. just u... u should know how deep it was or it's alway stay in my heart... I just wanted to say for last and be shut up forever - i just want to our life together work out and be there at your shoulder all time.. I needed so much to lean on u every nites every days.. I needed u to feel no burden with me.. and i love u as what you are, and u do love me by caring bout my feeling

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