A very long day for me! Almost out of office whole day. Reached office about 1ish, bumped into bosses and we went the mall kopitiam for lunch. Food there look good but i only ordered a drink. Finally got few min sat on my chair, but very soon i started running around to settle tasks. Then was rushing out again for the last appointment of today. Timmund followed.. It was ended ard 4.30.. Luckily traffic was ok and reached office 5ish.
I stayed till 9ish, and went sri gombak, had a bowl of maggi soup. Both of us will never stay the same again! 1 year.. was enough for me to him; no matter what i say, what i do, his heart will never close to me. I should say so near yet so far!
I am slowly walking thru a new life, new sharon, new thinking, and u! So much happier when u know someone is there with u no matter wut.. Oh, damn ill miss u now already.. Haha..
Gonna rush out a power point for monday pitching presentation.. That's why am still awake.

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