last project

Kelly is leaving us by end of this month to Aus. Knowing that she has taken quite some times for her decision, and yes she has made the right choice. We are in same team since she joined us, and she is always there to help me regardless of matters. I will definately miss her a lot as colleague and as friend. Hope she will doing good in Aus.
This pic was taken at our parent company-the star during the smi assoc. press confrence. last project with her.
What i could remember most from her; she always ask me not to think so much, she always tell me that i could get a better man, and i deserved more.. She is always there to cherish me.. and of course we have a same husband! Hahaha... Nevertheless we have never fight for the man! Vince, how lucky you got 2 pretty and yet considerate wifey!!!
Office environment is getting colder... one and another is leaving... No, i will want to stay longer because i would want to achieve my personal goal before i move too far.. It has room to growth, as long as focus what you're doing...
I could not afford to resign and without a job.. I have been gone thru the pain.. But at the end myself suffered.
Since last year i have been thinking about looking for a job, and i tried, got an offer from ex-boss. I didnt take the offer.. As always reminding myself that i want a career and not a job.
No matter where you work.. It will be the same if your heart not with them. Keep hopping cant determine your career, it could be favored for your temporary job satisfaction..

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