weekend is over

nothing much for this weekend, just stay home and spend time with family. tomorrow is monday, there will be a group sales meeting at 10am. gotta getting up early as meeting is compulsory.
i have been working with Star RFM since Feb 2007. i was hired as Red sales. during that time, as according to my ex-manager, i was a top Red sales. well, i admitted that i was good in selling Red, every month will bring in sales no matter how much it was. after few months, management decided combined 2 sales teams into one. which means the restructured taken place. at first, i was hard to adjust myself to sell 2 stations at first place. as we all know that 988 has it's profound profile, and much easier to sell than Red. after the restructuring, within few months, the sales teams restructured again! hell ya, I myself also confused how many times already been restructured. last week, manager complaint about me being not able to sustain Red sales. ya, i admitted that my Red sales sucks now! you all know why!
i am not complaint; but i just don't understand why we need to restructure as so many times??
to the recent scenario whereby most of the experienced AMs were leaving the company; I have asked myself few times what's the biggest obstacles that our company or our department are facing??? and why we can't sustain their hard work for the company. i used to be someone who were opinionated and will voice up a lot during meeting... but after few times, i have stop doing that and instead keeping queit. reason being was i dont see any changes nor action taken seriously. what for i need to put in effort to make it work for everyone?? one thing i have learn here is to become - just do your own work! it's frust that you are seeing your colleagues leaving. of course, i feel happy for them that they have better opportunities or offer out there.
after my long break, i am thinking whether i should explore the opportunities out there??? or i just stay and wait or continue my working attitude as - Just do your own work!!!??? i remember in August i have wrote i will stay a bit longer... however, i need to rejustified my statement
i shall not write working issues here... but who care... i am just talking from my heart...

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