Are you hunting for properties??

I am running a campaign for my client, and I need your input for this. May be I should tell you a lil about CIMB Property Mart.

CIMB Property Mart is the first-of-its-kind property hub that offers you a comprehensive, convenient and credible avenue for finding the right property.
It has an unique gallery which showcases all the available properties, and is a one-stop center that allows buyers to source for properties and familiarize themselves with property buying process, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! With this service model, customers are allowed to explore a vast selection of properties ranging from bungalows, terrace houses, and condo; to apartments, shop lots and even vacant land. Customers are allowed to gain access to thousands of properties in a single place; whether you're an investor, businessman or someone looking for your very first home. Wow wow... CIMB Property Mart also provides FREE pre-purchase financing consultations and after sales service by their experienced property advisor!

Well well... please in put your data or state your enquiries by clicking the above logo. You can drop your voice message thru 03-40481258 or fax to 03-40481260.
All your questions will be answered by tune in to 98.8 from 24 November - 12 December <7am-10am> and 15 Decemeber - 2 January <5pm-8pm>

Don't worry if you have missed the time...
all you have to do is to log-on to http://www.988.com.my/988_headline/988_cimb08.asp
and podcast will be ready for ya.

Well, CIMB Bank is known to all of us... i think the CIMB Property Mart is a bit unfamilar with all of us... so, it's good to know that we have such ONE STOP CENTER for properties and financing, it might be your way to find your dream home sweet home!

All the properties you're looking for
Under One Roof

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