busy week

last night, i had only 3 hours sleep. woke up around 7.45am, showered and prepared to pick up Cynthia and we were headed back office for an interview recording. we were there a lil early, and we had a drink at mamak. Cynthia is from Mindshare, and we work very closely for 2 clients. after the recording, we went back.
sigh, next week gonna be busy week. just read my office email, Maxis is calling for a radio pitch for next year plan. it's gonna be tough. Maxis has never call for a pitch. I foresee that their advertising budget would be cut down again for next year. however, they would want to spend the money worthwhile. well, i have to work out the plan by next week, otherwise, they wont get in to our stations.
wednesday and thursday are sales training sessions. i have only 2 days to work out the plan.. :( not only that already have few appointments for these 2 days, and yet need to rush out scripts for cimb as well...
damn.. can anyone offer me 48 hours a day? please?

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