a call

As usual, I've spent my quality weekend with family at home. Nothing much, just playing Jengal with niece and mom while watching Mickey Club House. I have not go out for the past 2 weekend; reason? wanted to save money. Last Friday, received an email from Jo - my Alumni Association President - Yes, we are reactivating the club again after inactive for a year. of course, my trip back to US is happen again - I am going Florida next February, will attending Alumni social and board meeting. This time it would be a long holiday for me. I would probably taking about 20 days off! I wanted to go LA and NYC! I miss Yen, Frank, Denise, Cindy, Cal... going to meet my old schoolmates... I have not been to Florida, I heard there are a lot of beaches, cool... and Disneyland is there too! well... i hope i have someone to follow me this time! would that be you? I am very excited about it for now... and yet need to work harder for these coming months so that I could have more vitamin m to buy coach, tiffany, etc...
i was a lone watching old HK dramas on you tube... *ring ring ring* a call from you... from now am still guessing whether am dreaming or what... crazy... yet thanks to you brighten my weekend... love and for you!

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