a doom weekend

it has a lot for last week...
there are a lot to say, but it's useless if saying too much; why not just keeping mouth shut.
i've been in media industry for about 21 months. At first, I was buffed to want learn radio so much, put all my energies and effort to source from bottom up left right about it, so that I could grasp the industry a bit deeper. For now i am still learning. as a employee for 21 months, a lot of good and bad changes were happening non-stop, everyone of was hoping and only hope once, the change would be a good and challenging. however, what we always hoping are not satisfy; therefore, the changes is still in progress; and the motives, the objectives... all unknown to us. frankly speaking, we are like lost sheep! i used to be opinionated, would voiced up my comment; but when disappointment came along nor you see nothing to be changed after your speech; well... i rather keep quiet and do my work. as a sales person, although we are not the super sales person as per say, but we work hard to get revenue for the company, hoping everyone could get a share of it after year end. a sales person, we couldn't close sales without other inter-departments' helping hand; sometimes, we are not giving troubles or too much demands on you; but we need inter-dept cooperation as much and we need your support so much. we are working under one roof; we all are the company's employees, thus we need to work along. i foresee the structure of the company is wrong; it seems to me that it's a dictator or one man decision maker! may be i am wrong... but sorry i just felt it that way now.

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