sad monday

weird weird weird
reached office a lil early, a new head of sales was on board, we had our first sales meeting with him. a canadian born chinese with excellent american slang.. he speaks fast, and we got his lecture - 'tradiotional media vs new media' - during the first meeting. imagine... how serious is him at work. no play play... no kidding... yet to know him much though, will find out the true him later.
anyway.. why sad monday??? familiar faces were gone... first moment i was stepping at the sales department... june was not there... went in traffic, connie was not there... walk to gin's desk, she was not there... went to programming, ssl was not there... went to cat, jascie's desk was replacing with a sexy mdg... all these sucks... every steps, every where... there are memorable moments... i kept queit, and preparing my next week production... and i shut up, but my heart was crying!

truly wishing all of you, all the best, stepping into a better milestones... cheers!!!

long distance relationship is not easy... it needs a lot of communications, and good understanding between ourselves... listen one way is that way... indeed, i am just need loves... and please show it off to me... i am not crazy, nor demanding...

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