i woke up early... yeah, i know it's holiday and not suppose to wake up at this hour.
my head is full of working agendas, i could not sleep well... i am not complaining about work, i just want to earn as much money for these 2 months - great reason is to have a great holiday in US.
i was talking to Denise (one of my uni mate), and we will be meeting up in NYC. AA has already confirmed our meeting at Orlando, Florida. It's great as there is a magic town! well, I want to go disneyland, but i am going alone?? hope i can invite my friend to join me along, otherwise, i'll be exploring the magic dreamland by myself. well, as usual, i'll be traveled alone, always be the lone ranger. i am not afraid, but afraid of lonely. i always want to find a partner, but i could not, i failed.
i am watching MPV valentine... it's an old taiwanese movie, from the movie, it's making realize a need of communications in a relationship is very important. my recent relationship with him was over in 2 month. ever rush for anything, nevertheless same to work. i aiming high, and i always want to climb up - this is part of my personal achievement - but too bad, someone has told me my failure and reason why i lost the battle. yes, i have yet to show off my ability, and i only work for within self. i have to work harder now... it might not as easy as those days, but i'll always try my best!
i am thinking to get a ipod touch... should i? haha...

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