a casino christmas night

(i bought a 'Kayu' Christmas cake for colleagues... )

I have no plan for Christmas Eve at first, planned to go home dinner with family, but, last minute plan caught up me and vincent, the two with no date, and we dated ourselves in Genting! i was unprepared wearing a thin blouse and legging, luckily the weather and the wind blow isnt that bad, in fact, a bit hot for me. our plan was at first attend a charity concert at Arena of Star, but we turned out had dinner with Darren, which so happen that he was there with Dawn and wife. about an hour, Dawn yawning and wanted to sleep, a good daddy brought her back to hotel while me and vincent walked to resort hotel searching for arcade games. it was packed with people... especially the younger ones... we bought a cash card and started our journey playing around in arcade. we were satisfied being a little child for few hours, and headed back to first world to meet up vincent's parents. Uncle and aunty were complaining about the gala dinner concert that they had earlier, and worrying about vince driving down. I comfort them with no worry and to make sure he drive safe. after a 15min conversation, the parents went back to hotel, and us was walking around first world... then of course, Starbuck-ing! at the same time, we were waiting for Darren for our casino battle... he has no turn up!!! but we still carrying on our plan. Hahaha... we were very happy loosing our money to uncle lim!!! we were damn crazy to give out our money with no regret. we left Genting around 2.15am... then second round was having drink with Pearly at 3am!(vince said i seem like a pregnant women... hahaha)

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