2009-First day @ Work

my first day at work in 2009 was not good at all... my heart was broken, and my tears were dropping again...

i am rationalizing these equations, and hope to get answer from you all:

1. replying or responded emails = complaints = issues (True or False) ?

2. ALL CAPS LOCK in emails = GENTLE REMINDER = not RUDE (True or False) ?
do you like to
see all CAPS LOCK in emails???? are you????

3. definition of RUDE = asking for clarification on what reasons being question report not done (True or False) ?

4. giving feedback = too many complaints = attitude problem (True or False) ?

my heart is aching and i have never cry because of all these stupidities...

i have never ever being forced, or no one shall being forced to make instant decision if i want to leave my job or stay with my job NOW!!! no way... as i said, i got nice ass... beaten it if you want

i wanted to talk to you so much, and i would love to listen your advise... and i know you are tired and enjoying the beautiful days there... and i shall... and i miss you!

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