i have never ever experienced bbq on a plastic table. of course not my idea, my genuine bro said ok at first. look, it does not work though. he made me laughed at his stupidity!!! lol... sorry bro

bro bought 4 sets of bbq, but only 3 were managed to put on fire. bro started to put on fire at 5ish, but he failed... well, he is not a camp guy, so i dont expect much from him... then his life saver came who then set these up in few minutes, thanks to dear! of course i laughed at my bro too.

we had very simple food, sausages, ham, minced meats, corns, peppers, mushroom... these could possible filled up our stomach well. i felt the grilling part was the fun, as after you have finished grilling, you dont feel like eating much.

i was very unsatisfied with this picture, as dear got his eyes half closed! dear complaint that the flash was too bright for him... eh, no excuse though as my eyes could be possible bigger! oh ya... this picture was to replace valentine's picture that we forgot to take one!!!

the take 2 was terrible, not even his eyes were open! yuck... but love it... lol... at least he looks silly cute

hui xin was enjoying us taking pictures... she was wondering, what the hell these 'gu gu' and alan 'go go' doing? she was too cute, jumping around to show her dance with her nursery music on... aiya, she was trying to get attention from her alan 'go go'

after cleaning up the mess and all food, i took out and let all of them tried my first cake in KL.
*sob sob* it wasn't turn out good, but still acceptable. dear said it's too sweet... yeah, it's sweet like me!
recently, bro and mom started enjoy drinking wine, they opened a bottle... yet left 3/4 for me and dear.
we took our cups to near by garden just beside my house... we sat on a huge bench, dear immediately slept on it while i was watching him... we had a good time together, and yet i started to know him more - to me who stand or be with him, i feel i am no one, and the more i talk to him the more i feel like he is someone, and a great person with great brains... and yes, dear... i want to go to school with you, and be the bossy demanding gf you have ever had! i want you to do all my homework for me... and i want to disturb you when you are doing your homework... but yet, we both together feeling the world...
(we saw birds in group traveling a cross our country, dear saw owl passing by him right in front, we saw a bright satelite... and the cloud with stars above us...)

i : i am glad i have met you...