Pre-CNY gathering and CNY

first time outing with them - SevenateNine
(Gladys, Jerald, Emily, Tina, Steph, Khai, Alan, me, Stephy)
23rd Jan, another 2 lovely colleagues have left us for good... Tina and Emily, good luck in your new job, with a better HOS... ^.^

i love this lovely dovey lips-lips kissing with Steph babe, oucccch... i cant resist it

yeah, after the kiss...

of course must sayang my dearest Alan after kissing with Steph... ^.^ nice

who's naughty hand??

two couples - the sweet and the silly

family gathering on Chor yi @Sam's bungalow
my cousins Nyuen Nyee, Chung Nyin and Sam

the 'V'

my lovely niece, Hui Xin - who always call me 'gugu gugu'

Alan and Sharon's movie night in chor yi @ Midvalley

One of the mini market @ Cherating street

our first night dinner... nice food, especially the sambal asparagus and the '7' years home made chillies with garlic sauce

naughty dear pull off my bikinis, made me tan for at least 1 hour.
Alan's friends tom, mae, kok han

Yik Kee Restaurant@Karak... all said the egg tart is nice, but when we reached there all were sold out. we had their 'siew pau' instead... oh, the 2 uncles were very friendly... nice ^.^
kok han was being sissy... ooooopppppssss!!!!!

the '2' in action... bang... arrrrrrrr ^.^

nice cloud... taken in 'jenny' while heading to kampung bukit tinggi... yo, eat again, dear appetited was too good! we had crispy pork noodles with black sauce... really nice! make sure you stop by while on Karak highway

being sexy with my white tiger, while the other tiger was busy driving... lol ^.^

again... the '2' silly were in action while 'jenny' was bathing... hahaha... Ah neh pun tak tahan!

my 2009 started with a completely new life new me... the silly chapter started...
hope the chapter will completed happily after and feeling completely... oh God!