a suprised night

started work today after a long cny break, and yet i was let for GSM. it wasn't so bad, as he does not yell at me, instead, i got a red pocket from him. after 2 hours long, meeting was over, and i have replied few emails before heading to the star. last meeting ended 5ish, and i drove slowly to meet up dear.
i was a bit too early, and waited for him for about 1 hour plus. it was ok, and i did some useful task by cleaning my work folders and prepare for all last months receipts that had leaving in my car for a month. i was looking around, and i saw dear's car, but yet i did not see him around.
around 8.07pm, dear finally appeared in front of me... i was surprised, i thought someone had sent him home. meanwhile, dear pointing towards behind me... yeah, he got his new car!!! and he wanted to give me a surprise. i was so happy and enjoying that moment.
later, we had dinner together with alan's sis and her husband. we all hopped in his new car... nice, sleek, queit... we both like it... nor we all like it! first time meeting his sis, a bit of scared, but yet, not too bad, i handled it well... and i think alan is start trying... and make us working.
after dinner, of course dear wanted to bring me for second round. we went to st. andrew at damansara club house, yet i was so noisy, and we decided move to other place - desa park city. we chatted a lil about work... here and there...
we were kinky, happy, and closer... and we kissed with feeling the wind blowing out our heart beats.. cool.. yet warm..

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