Valentine's Day 2009

my v-day was sour but it turned sweet in the morning... dear does not tell me his plan until friday. he planned to spend time with me at my hunt. at first, i was a lil bit disappointing, but, after hours after my unconditional anger realization... i love it... there is no romantic restaurant; no candle lights dinner; no fancy deco; no expensive chocolates... but we had spent quality time together, and feeling was the greatest joy!
dear woke me up with calling before he left house... but i was sleeping still when he came in to my room in suprised! we were mingling and i got a valentine's kiss... sweet ^.^
dear planned to bring me for dimsum at puchong, but after that we both lazy to get out and to laze on bed for hours till niece came in to look for her Alan 哥哥. i was so jealous that my niece will never want this gugu anymore. look... the silly them were so happy sticking micky stickers..

we were then head to McDonald to have our V-Day lunch... all because of her, dimsum canceled lo... these 2 are click since the first time they met, and him bought candies to just make her happy... eh, i dont even have a share though... ^.^ the tiger, the dog, the horse... ding... dong... where is the sheep??!! hahaha

well, we did spent 2nd quality time together without her!!! hahaha, hard to get her away though... poor Hui Xin.. sorry... muack muack