these few months, there were a lot of changes in my life; regardless my personal life or in work.
at work, at first, most of my colleagues left for good... and new head of sales who we all hated most was finally resigned due to new management came on board. what a huge relief to us!
few months back, i started lost passion at work, i got no solid reason why i feeling that way... may be i am searching or finding a career or something that i would want for myself. yeah, i always ask myself what do i really want... thinking of many things that i want to do, trying to brainstorm for my future... first, i always want to complete my dream- going back US for Master degree and work and live there forever... second, i want to start a business by bringing in a skin care from Japan... third, recently i have thought of to become a wedding planner... forth, i want to run florist and special gift shop... last, i want to get a promotion from current job...
I have turned down my first dream, because i finally got someone who i cant live without... i cant leave him for years, and if i do so, i would probably loosing the greatest guy i have never met who complete me! yes, dear - it's you - and you told me twice - you complete me! and now, you do complete my life.
second, third and forth dream would still workable here... thanks to dear who will support me all the way as he promised.. :)
the last dream... yes, i just got an offer from my current manager. he recommended me to become a 6 months acting assistant sales manager. he asked if i would take the challenge... and told him that Yes! i was waiting for it long time.
however, at the same time, i got an offer from my previous COO who is now the CEO for Red FM. Yes, the Star RFM now has two CEOs - 988 and Red FM. Current sales team is all under 988. Red needs people to run the business... and the former COO wanted me to be in his team. first time i felt uncomfortable talking to him - a 6 months special tasks was not sound so nice to me though... i felt like it's a secret... and i needed to give my answer by next week....
my future... is on my hand... sorry, i would choose my last dream and stay for what i am having now... 988

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